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My name is Cassiel Haynes, I was born in New Jersey in 1998. In 2001 my family decided to move down to Williamsburg. My parents liked to vacation in Williamsburg

This is me in downtown Colonial Williamsburg.

and thought it would be a great place to raise a family. Williamsburg happens to be the first capital of Virginia but also happens to be part of the Historic Triangle. The Historic Triangle consists of Williamsburg, Jamestown the first successful settlement and Yorktown the place where the Revolutionary War ended. In elementary school, we would go on trips to all the different historic parks and we would learn about things such as how tobacco was dried out and used in the colonial period. One year we got to do a project on a shop of our interest in Colonial Williamsburg. I choose the milliner because I thought that colonial fashion was interesting at the time. Colonial fashion was the key to success because it showed off a person’s social class. This was also different from things that we commonly learned about like the Revolutionary war or the 13 colonies. 

My mom and I at Jamestown.

My parents would take me on trips as a child and we would go to interesting places like Washington D.C. or Appomattox. These trips were always something I was excited for because I got to learn sort of firsthand what happened at each of these places. D.C. is always a great place to go because there are so many different museums to go too and learn about all of these different events that happened in our nation’s history. My favorite museum in D.C. is the National Museum of American History. The American History museum is a great place to learn about different aspects of American history that are not taught in school. Personally, I feel that you can always learn something new at the Smithsonian museums no matter how many time you go. Another trip that my mom and I made was to Fredericksburg. Fredericksburg has a lot history that is the Civil War based. This trip helped me make my decision to come to Mary Washington. Since the university is so close to all of these historical places it felt like the right fit for me.  

I decided to become a history major because I love to learn about how our current society came to be. All the different societies and cultures are also really fun to learn about, my favorite part of historical societies to look at is Spanish-American societies in the Caribbean. It is a little different in those societies then it is in the United States or another place in the world.  I also love to learn about these cultures because it is a part of my heritage, so it is a subject that is close to my heart.  

I hope to use my history degree as a jumping off point for law school. I would like to become an immigration lawyer because I feel like I can maybe help people. This country was founded on immigration and I believe that a lot of immigrants are not getting the help they need. Also, right now with all of the political issues that are going on with immigrants, I feel that we need more immigration lawyers.  



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